School Board Meeting Highlights


Meeting Highlights for August 22, 2023

The MAUSD School Board is sharing the following highlights of our recent Board meeting on August 22nd.  You can read the complete minutes on our website at and also view a recording of the meeting on NEAT TV at

Executive Limitations Monitoring

Financial Report

Fiscal Year (FY) 2022-2023 budget will be balanced without a surplus.  About $725,000 will be drawn out of the Capital Reserve Fund for the Security/Lobby/Bathroom project to balance the budget.  This will be less than the up to $1,700,000 of the Capital Reserve Fund authorized by voters at Town meetings last March.


The District (as well as many other Districts) has open positions that are still being recruited for going into the school year.  A significant number of these positions are for student supports.  There is flexibility within the District to move staff around as necessary to help with the impact of less staff.  There is also a review on how recruiting is currently done and how to make it more effective.  Limited housing in the area makes it difficult to recruit from out of the area.


The mechanics of the separation of Lincoln is complete (transfer of the Bond, etc.).  Lincoln School District (LSD) has been in discussion with MAUSD about procuring transportation and food services.  Discussion of transportation needs were not workable and have not moved forward.  MAUSD has agreed to prepare and deliver food to LSD on a per meal cost, which they will then serve.  The procedure for participation in sports and other extracurricular activities has also been updated to reflect the Lincoln withdrawal.


To meet recent State requirements, all visitors will need to sign in and out when visiting a school building during normal school hours.  A new system is being developed for check in requirements of visitors through the use of an individual's driver's license.  Recent Lobby renovations at Mt. Abraham created an entry system limiting access to the main office for check in.

Facilities Projects

Many projects have been done this past summer or are slated for the fall:

  • Upgrade of the parking lot at Monkton Central School

  • Accessible equipment for Bristol Elementary School playground

  • Replace tile in the multi-purpose room at Robinson Central School 

  • Conversion of the heating system at Beeman Elementary School to natural gas  

Board Management and Governance    

Board Work Plan

Work plan for the 23/24 year was presented and discussed.  Focus was on Ends Policy updates from the Administration and meeting with the Mt Abraham Employees Association (MAEA).   It was decided to meet for both items twice over the year.  Work plan to be updated for the next business meeting.

Admission of Non Resident Students Policy

Policy was approved with final markups from previous reviews.  This policy was generated as a result of needing a policy for accepting students primarily from Lincoln.

Community Engagement for FY23/24 Budget

How to get community input for the upcoming FY23/24 budget preparation was discussed.  Intent is to get “Ends” level information to consider while the budget is being prepared.  The administration has set up a Thought Exchange survey for staff input, and the Board decided to extend it to students and the community. It will run through September with further information coming from the Community Engagement Committee.



Meetings are on ZOOM  Logins will be posted prior to meeting dates and on agendas. 

All are welcome to attend MAUSD Board and committee meetings!  

9/12/23 6pm  > Community Engagement, Facilities, Budget, and Policy and Governance Sub-Committee meetings 

9/26/23  6pm> Monthly Board Meeting