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Office of the Principal

August 7, 2022

Dear Students, Parents and Guardians,

I am overjoyed to have the opportunity to enter my third year as the  Principal of Monkton Central School. I am writing this letter to discuss the upcoming year and restate our vision for MCS. I know for many of us the year seems more normal than it has in the past. As with how we ended the 21-22 school year our mask policy remains optional and not required for any activity within the school. We will still follow any guidance provided by the state (click here) and will ultimately follow the instructions provided by Superintendent Reen. If any policy chances you will be communicated with quickly and effectively with the intention of being succinct and understandable. Ironically at the writing of this letter I am in quarantine for COVID-19 which has been a stark reminder of its realism. Although I look forward to a mask free and COVID free future I do want all of us to keep each other in mind if we do get sick and follow state guidelines if we feel ill. Many of these can be found here or at the MAUSD website.  

We do have some wonderful changes to the school that I would like to share with you:

  1. We will be bringing back our salad bar to the lunch room along with providing free breakfast and lunch for all
  2. Our library has undergone some cosmetic changes adding a projector and a comfortable reading nook
  3. MCS will be more diligent with absences this year (see on page 9-11) and have developed a system with MAUSD to easily exclude any COVID related absences
  4. MCS will continue its push of K-2 literacy through the work of Foundations, Haggerty and targeted interventions. 
  5. We will be taking as many field trips as possible using our funds to see, touch and view educational material outside of the classroom.
  6. We have (as always) a fired up staff ready to rock and roll! 

More than anything else, it is a great privilege of mine that you have entrusted MCS to become a part of your community and your children’s academic journeys from kindergarten through sixth grade. Our 22-23 school year is going to be the best yet and we will reach the stars!

Through the course of this Back To School Packet I will include numerous information related to the start of the school year. Although this will not answer all of your questions I hope that it will provide some guidance as we ease into the school year. 

Last, and absolutely not least, I want to restate my educational philosophy that I look to continue to build on at MCS. As a school administrator and educator, I believe strongly that positive student development and academic outcomes occur in strong, spirited, school-wide communities. This requires the enforcement of a bully-free environment, student-focused instruction, and effective communication with all stakeholders. Moreover, an overarching goal of all my work in education has been supporting both the academic and social-emotional development of my students, families, and staff. I hope that my strong values around helping the “whole child” shine through in all that I do as the principal of MCS. I will continue to bring extensive experience in the implementation of Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports and Social Emotional Learning curriculums to further build on academic successes in the classroom. In my short time at MCS I have been impressed with the hands-on learning, conceptual understanding, and family atmosphere that was evident in the building. This led to large academic growth allowing for some of the highest academic scores in the county according to NWEA. As we move forward and our focus to the 22-23 school year I feel strongly that MCS is primed and ready to have one of their best years on record.. And, trust me, we are going to have a whole lot of fun along the way! 

If you ever need to contact me the most direct route will be through email ([email protected]) or through the school phone system (802-453-2314)

Kind Regards,

Mike Lansing